Saturday, August 06, 2005

Clearly not my bag

So, clearly I'm not as hip to this blogging stuff as some....just can't seem to make it a priority in my day! I finally met with a knitting group. Just 2 ladies from the knitty board. I really enjoyed myself and hope to go back again. I've been working on Lucy's birthday dress and almost have the back complete. Also, I have made 3 hats to donate to the NICU and got TONS of baby yarn (see post below about strangers) and will do up some blankets next. Finally, I completed the honeymoon cami and I really like it! As a matter of fact, I am wearing it as I type!!

WOOPS...i meant to post a picture of my honeymoon cami but posted this pic instead. Seeing as how I have no idea how to change it...i'll leave it! These are much cuter subjects anyway!


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