Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The kindness of strangers

So, yesterday I was feeling a little blue because of our lack of funds and my inability to find a nicely priced yarn for Lucy's birthday dress. I made a post on knitty hoping to get some good feedback on knitting on the cheap...which I did. Great advice on using recycled sweaters (never thought of that one) and reserving books at the library. What I got that I didn't expect was all kinds of offers for free yarn and needles! One woman even offered to buy whatever yarn I wanted!! Can you believe it! These people are total strangers and yet were willing to totally help me out! I was so touched and moved...and of course I accepted many offers! So...I have lots of pretty yarn coming my way! YIPPEEE!!

This of course, motivates me to Pay it Forward (EEK..I hate that phrase). When Lucy came out of the hospital I swore I was going to make blankets and hats for the NICU. In nearly a year I have made only ONE! Not good!! I'm stepping up those efforts starting today!


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